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Funding universe

funding universe

I'm in a group project and need to write the history of 3com and I stumbled upon fundinguniverse. The site has a lot of information, but I googled. Funding Universe is a waste of my time. As General Counsel for this new venture, I should have known better. Especially when they responded to an online. tweets • 0 photos/videos • followers. "TechCrunch reports about Lendio ; the result of years of experience helping entrepreneurs secure capital. funding universe

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Many people have lost their hard earned money in fees and upfront payment of thousands of dollars. They went on and on about how they knew the best way to be helping new businesses and people and existing businesses with loan requests, and could help assure the lenders were shown the right documentation, etc. I had a total of 5 inquiries and my credit score is Are you that desperate for funding that you don't even want to see their online documents that they are so pushy to have you sign? They win overall because they play the numbers game and I lost the game with them and now I am out that money. He began to question the decision and started explaining why I needed them, etc. Especially when they responded to an online www. They are not worth dealing. Funding universe is not a bank, all they claim to be is a matching company that matches people. Within a couple of days they start to claim that they have improved my credit and stated that more fees are needed to improve my credit. Five months later and several times Their so called "Law Group" kept insisting on getting new credit reports so they can "enahnce". They are a scam roulettesystem verlage the fullest extent and unfortunately, I bit hook line and sinker.

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From there they tried to sell me on hiring one of their attorneys to remove the inquiries. Finally an event worth going to and that left me excited to go back to work. I more forcefully told him no and hung up. Yea, I should probably just try and find some legitimate websites, magazine articles, etc.. Funding univerese is built on collecting upfront fees to try and match you with lenders. I finally said, NO!


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